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Jessica Hale

Salutations!  My name is Jessica Hale and I am a dedicated advanced esthetician with 8 years of experience in the Dayton area.  I am extremely passionate about providing expert skin care, creditable knowledge and peace of mind for my guest.  I am trained in various advanced skin care services/procedures and I have worked with multiple skin care lines. My goals are to help provide each and every one  of my guest with a unique experience that can help them feel and look their very best.  Skin is our largest organ and it is so very important for overall health to have a caring and knowledgeable expert create a customized experience.  I make it my personal mission to ensure that each guest truly has consistent skin care made just for them and looks forward to an elevated skin care experience with their very own skin care expert.  I truly want to make a positive change and fabulous experience for anyone seeking skin care services and knowledgeable.  

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